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Don Matheson - Author

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Don Matheson

Loving Mother Mind Control - by Don Matheson

Loving Mother Mind Control

Don Matheson

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My stories feature people caught in a seemingly endless tug-of-war between their noble instincts against their baser ones, often realizing the conflict is little more than a game—though a game that holds very real and frequently damaging consequences.

Games such as this abound, reaching the levels of business, education, science, politics—and even the family unit. Its presence is an unfortunate, but inevitable characteristic of society.

I like to write about these games and how people must find a median toward satisfying both forces.

Will their norms undergo vast change?

Are they derived from one’s upbringing, one’s own motivations, or one’s environment?

These are questions I enjoy posing.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

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