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Chanel Ashby - Author

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Chanel Ashby

Mommy's Little Pawn - by Chanel Ashby

Mommy's Little Pawn

Chanel Ashby

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My name is Chanel Ashby and I've been writing erotica for several years now, many different genres and under many different pseudonyms as a freelance writer. I believe that erotica and the world of fantasy is terribly important to all of us. I mean, who doesn't have at least one or two kinky, forbidden, maybe even a little twisted, longings running around in their imagination? I know that I actually have a surprising number of them. Well, once you get to know me, you might find that it's really not that surprising.

For a sneak peek into upcoming books, or to connect, follow me on Twitter

Or, check out my blog.

Also, feel free to contact me directly via email at:

Also, to stay updated on not only my erotica but other smut that we review, listen to my podcast, "Chanel Talks Smut". You can find it on Apple, Stitcher, Libsyn, or you'll see that I share the links of our newest episode on my Twitter feed as well as

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The Haley Experiment - by Chanel Ashby

The Haley Experiment

Chanel Ashby

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Her Father's Mistress - by Chanel Ashby

Her Father's Mistress

Chanel Ashby

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