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C. Shields - Author

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C. Shields

Chassie's Perfect Son, by C. Shields

Chassie's Perfect Son

C. Shields

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A Woman Only Her Son Could Love, by C. Shields

A Woman Only Her Son Could Love

C. Shields

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Crazy for Daisies, by C. Shields

Crazy for Daisies

C. Shields

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Other Information

A Personal Note From C. Shields ...

If you have anything you’d like to say, drop me an e-line at:



Or visit my website at:

Wordpress Blog:

I hope when you've read a few of my books, you'll ultimately agree and add me as one of your favorite authors:-D }.

~ C. Shields

A Brother's Generous...Offer, by C. Shields

A Brother's Generous… Offer

C. Shields

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Fleur In Blossom, by C. Shields

Fleur In Blossom

C. Shields

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Her Brother's Yuletide Surprise, by C. Shields

Her Brother's Yuletide Surprise

C. Shields

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Mitch & Lorelai - Loving Siblings No.1 - by C. Shields

Mitch & Lorelai

Loving Siblings No.1

C. Shields

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Aidan & Dionne - Loving Siblings No.2 - by C. Shields

Aidan & Dionne

Loving Siblings No.2

C. Shields

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Liam & Liliana - Loving Siblings No.3 - by C. Shields

Liam & Liliana

Loving Siblings No.3

C. Shields

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I’m C. Shields and I'm an insufferable romantic. Sounds like something you’d say at an AA meeting but if I’m honest, writing has always been an addiction.

As a writer, I take great pleasure in creating alternate worlds, constantly stretching my artistic muscle where I can. But no matter what genre I choose for any of my stories, ALL are plot-driven and ALL are romances. I hope you'll enjoy reading my stories as much as I've enjoyed writing them.

Romeo and Juliet. The forbidden love. The coupling that should never be. These are the titillating driving forces behind my romances in this genre where the highly unlikely become likely.

People are generally surprised to discover that I'm female, but as a female author addicted to romances of all stripes, my stories are romances with tongue-in-cheek humor, drama, plausible plots and circumstances, relationships that defy societal restrictions, and above all - happily-ever-afters.

– Queen C.

Ivan & Isabella - Loving Siblings No.4 - by C. Shields

Ivan & Isabella

Loving Siblings No.4

C. Shields

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Indulging Secrets, by C. Shields

Indulging Secrets

C. Shields

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A Braided Rug of Hurt and Healing - by C. Shields

A Braided Rug of Hurt and Healing

C. Shields

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Give Me Liberty - by C. Shields

Give Me Liberty

C. Shields

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Tristin & Georgina - Loving Siblings No.5 - by C. Shields

Tristin & Georgina

Loving Siblings No.5

C. Shields

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Colin's Sister, Ketty - by C. Shields

Colin's Sister, Ketty

C. Shields

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