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Autumn Seave - Author

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Autumn Seave

Dormitory Rules - by Autumn Seave

Dormitory Rules

Autumn Seave

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Autumn Seave has been writing erotica since 2006 & enjoys playing with the imagination and writing about a wide variety of erotic acts, from BDSM to spanking to anal sex to group sex - and everything in between!

Remember that erotica is about fantasy and not necessarily about reality. You can enjoy all sorts of erotica, get turned on by it, but not necessarily want to act on it. And that is ok. Others will act on it, and that is ok too - just remember that ANY sex act needs to be safe and consensual. If are inspired to act out a fantasy based on one of her books, please make sure that you are with a safe and trustworthy partner (or partners!)



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Sorority - by Autumn Seave


Autumn Seave

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