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Angel Scott - Author

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Angel Scott

My Handsome Brother, by Angel Scott

My Handsome Brother

Angel Scott

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Angel Scott grew up in the state of Iowa and still lives in Iowa to this day. She is an only child and likes to write pretty much anything that comes to mind.

Incest is a touchy subject, but it is a hot subject. It is easy to write it and it makes for really hot sex for couples that are into reading this kind of subject.

Angel never went to school for writing, but was told she had talent. She loves to write and hopes to become a best seller someday.

Angel is happily married and has a lot of cats at home.

She is also a nursing assistant at a care center with a full time job.

She hopes to stop working and write full time!

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The Punishment - by Angel Scott

The Punishment

Angel Scott

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The Lesson - by Angel Scott

The Lesson

Angel Scott

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Mamma's Boy - by Angel Scott, Larry Scott

Mamma's Boy

Angel Scott and Larry Scott

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Daddy's Little Valentines - by Angel Scott

Daddy's Little Valentines

Angel Scott

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The Jailbird - by Angel Scott

The Jailbird

Angel Scott

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My Horny Cousin - by Angel Scott

My Horny Cousin

Angel Scott

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Trick or Treat - by Angel Scott

Trick or Treat

Angel Scott

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Weekend Gone Wrong - Weekend Gone Wrong No.1 - by Angel Scott

Weekend Gone Wrong

Angel Scott

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Mom's Blind Date - by Angel Scott

Mom's Blind Date

Angel Scott

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