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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions
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"Literature... cut short by the intrusion of force... is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up a nation's heart, the excision of its memory."

óAleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist

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Download eBooks FAQ

How To Download eBooks to your Phone or Tablet & Read Them

If you are having difficulty with your Phone or Tablet receiving the eBooks you purchased, we are sorry. Please be aware that most download issues concerning eBooks are a Phone or Tablet design restriction, not a  Lot's Cave restriction. We hope that your difficulty will be solved by the solutions presented below. If not, please let us know (Contact Us Link).

Unsure Which File Type To Select for Your Phone/Tablet?

You Do Not Have a Computer To Use For Downloading Your eBooks?

You Prefer Using .EPUB format eBooks?

You Prefer Using .MOBI format eBooks?

You Prefer Using the iBooks Application?

You Prefer Using Amazonís Kindle Application?

Transfer eBooks by E-Mail To Amazonís Kindle Application.

If You Are Unsure Of What Files To Transfer To Your Phone/Tablet OR Do Not Have A Computer:

The easiest way to transfer eBook files to your phone or tablet if you are unsure of what to do is to utilize the pre-downloaded iBooks application on your Phone/Tablet and select the .PDF file from Lotís Cave to download.

  1. Click the .PDF option from your Lotís Cave download page link. (The Last Download Format Item Listed)
  2. The .PDF file should open on your phone or tablet. Click the OPEN IN IBOOKS option. (If this option does not appear or disappears too quickly simply tap your screen to see the option again.)
  3. The eBook should open in iBooks. Once it has, iBooks will automatically save the file for you for future reading. NOTE: iBooks will only display this .PDF in the future if you have ALL BOOKS or PDFs selected from their menu system.

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If You Prefer An .EPUB eBook File From Lotís Cave OR Want To Utilize Your iBooks App:

For PC computer users who prefer the .EPUB eBook format, you will first need to ensure you have installed iTunes (Apple Download Link). Then download the .EPUB file (The Second Download Format Item Listed) from your Lotís Cave download page link to your computer. Remember the location on your computer where you downloaded it to. Then to move it to your device.

  1. Add the .EPUB file to your library by selecting File and then clicking ADD FILE TO LIBRARY. Select the desired .EPUB file, and then click OPEN.
  1. Plug in your iPhone or iPad to your computer while iTunes is still open. You may need to allow your computer access to do this. If so, iTunes will open a dialogue box to prompt it. Simply click CONTINUE on the computer AND select TRUST on your Apple iPhone or device.
  2. Your Apple device will take time to Sync to iTunes. This process can take a moment, but it is important to let the device sync.
  3. Select your iPhone or iPad icon from the iTunes menu. You should see your screen change, displaying the storage options and settings for your device.
  4. Under the SETTINGS menu select BOOKS.
  5. Select SYNC BOOKS and then click SELECTED BOOKS.
  6. You will then need to select the .EPUB files of the books you wish to transfer to iBooks.
  7. Once your desired eBooks are selected click on APPLY.
  8. You will need to disconnect your device when iTunes has finished syncing.
  9. Open iBooks. Your eBooks will appear in the library. NOTE: iTunes will not automatically sync books youíve transferred across multiple Apple devices. This will have to be repeated for each device you wish to access the books with.

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If You Prefer a .MOBI eBook File From Lotís Cave OR Want to Utilize Amazonís Kindle Application:

To use your Kindle Application, you will first need to install the Kindle Application on to your phone or tablet and ensure your device is connected to your Amazon account. You will also need to download the .MOBI file (The Third Download Format Item Listed) from your Lotís Cave download page link to your PC computer.  NOTE: Your Kindle may support other eBook formats such as .PDF or several of the many formats contained in the .ZIP file which can be extracted on your computer Ė also, .ZIP is the First Download Format Item listed.

  1. Download the SEND TO KINDLE application to your PC computer (Amazon Download Link).
  1. Once completed, select the .MOBI file and RIGHT click.
  2. Click the SEND TO KINDLE option available in the selection menu.
  3. In the SEND TO KINDLE dialogue box, be sure to select the proper device you desire the eBook to go to. Also, it is a good idea to select ARCHIVE DOCUMENT IN YOUR KINDLE LIBRARY.
  4. Click Send.
  5. The .MOBI file should appear in your Kindle Application. NOTE: It can take time for your Kindle application to sync with your Amazon account. You can either wait, or try to rush this process by selecting the Sync option on your device from the open Kindle application.

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If You Prefer a .MOBI eBook File AND Wish To Transfer It by E-Mail To Amazonís Kindle Application:

To use your Kindle Application by email you will still have to download your eBook files to your computer. (This method may also support .PDF file items as well as several other formats contained in the .ZIP file download item.) While the SEND TO KINDLE BY EMAIL application is easy to use once setup, it is more advanced in its initial setup for some users. To utilize the SEND TO KINDLE BY EMAIL feature after downloading your desired supported format from the Lotís Cave download page linkĖ  

  1. Login to your Amazon Account.
  1. Go to YOUR ACCOUNT, and select CONTENT AND DEVICES from the DIGITAL CONTENT category.
  2. From the DIGITAL CONTENT page, select SETTINGS.
  3. Scroll down until you see the PERSONAL DOCUMENT SETTINGS.
  5. Find and remember the KINDLE E-MAIL ADDRESS for the device you wish to send your eBook files to.
  6. It is not necessary, but if you wish to have your eBook files archived across all your KINDLE devices, you can do that by scrolling down to PERSONAL DOCUMENT ARCHIVING. Ensure the setting shows ENABLED next to the EDIT ARCHIVE SETTINGS box.
  8. From there, you will need to add the E-mail address you will be SENDING your eBook files from. To do this, select the ADD A NEW APPROVED E-MAIL ADDRESS.
  9. Once you have your KINDLE E-MAIL ADDRESS and your personal E-mail address is approved, you can now utilize the SEND TO KINDLE BY E-MAIL feature.
  10. Simply open your email and attach your desired eBook files.
  11. Enter your KINDLE ADDRESS and hit SEND.
  12. The files should appear after a few minutes. Larger files may take longer to process. You may also need to sync your device.

NOTE: If you are using a Kindle device that has both Wi-Fi and 3G you will want to know there is a charge attached to downloading via 3G. The easiest way to bypass this fee is to utilize Amazonís KINDLE ADDRESS and adding to the E-Mail address. Doing this will bypass Amazonís download fee, but the eBooks will only download once your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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